Being only brilliant in academics doesn’t help a student become a responsible citizen of that country. A student should also be equally talented in other Co-curricular activities like national conference, seminars, group discussion, case presentation, environmental analysis of industry, quiz, debate, drama, dance, music, sports. Students’ participation in these co curricular activities develop leadership, time management, teamwork, interpersonal communication, and other skills the employers may value when making hiring choices. These experiences and activities outside of the classroom are directly related to their career development in the future.

Realising the importance of the co-curricular activities for students Dr IT Group organises numerous co curricular activities for the students throughout the academic session. Each student of the Group takes part in these activities to enhance his personality and soft skills.

List Of Members

1. President :: Mr. Manoj Kumar
2. Vice President :: Mr. Gagan Gulati
3. General Secretary :: Mr. Puneet Sharma
4. Secretary :: Mr. Ankit Narang
5. Treasure :: Mr. Lalit Geol
6. Executive Members :: Ms Pragati Bhandari
    :: Ms. Nihayika
    :: Ms.Rachna Bhatia
    :: Mr. Ajay Kapoor
    :: Mr. Balvinder Bali
    :: Mr. Avtar Singh
    :: Mr. Sohan Dhyal
    :: Mr. Navneet Sharma
    :: Mr. Sachin Sharma
    :: Ms. Harsh Singla
    :: Ms. Yeshu Jaiswal