Corona Virus playing havoc and is pandemic: India fighting with tough Measures

Corona virus, originated in Wuhan province of China in January, cause not known, and treatment eluding medical expert community, being treated on the basis of symptoms like dry cough, slowly rising temperature, irritation in throat and finally difficulty in breathing. The most affected are reported those who have diseases like asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease or lung disease. Their immunity is weak.. Research or experimentation is greatly intensified by all advanced countries including India, forced India to go for pan-country lockdown from 24th March and extended by its second leg from 15th April till 3rd May, 2020 (total period is now 40 days in continuum). About two million people are reported infected and over one lakh deaths have taken place till 15th April.  The Pan-India strict lockdown has been appraised by the UN, WHO and other UN agencies. The IMF has come out with its prediction that both China and India will be able to restore their economies in short time to fair growth trajectory due to their leadership’s decisive steps taken to contain, treat and rehabilitate affected sections of society. Free ration to the poor and needy, health care administration with dedicated teams of doctors, nurses and other para-medical staff, including setting up quarantine camps with facilities and rules-enforcement efficacy through strong contingents of police force are laudable process components in this disaster period. Boldness of the country leader has percolated to the bottom and volunteer-groups have joined the bandwagon for rendering humanitarian service including donations to the diverse funds being raised for combating the onslaught of the deadly corona virus. As on 15th April, 11,933 are found positive, 1334 have recovered and 392 have died.

During lockdown, the authorities suggested strong measures for preventing spread of infection. These are: (i) Social Distancing that means maintaining distance of 3 feet, now raised to six feet, from each other and not crowding places, and staying in homes; (ii) using tissue paper while sneezing or coughing and throwing the tissue paper into closed waste basket only; (iii) not touching eye, nose or mouth after using and throwing tissue paper; (iv) washing hands with soap and water continually for minimum 20 seconds; and (v) using mask while going out for buying grocery, medicines and other most essentials.

Prime Minister, Modi, is spearheading the challenge with determination to defeat the monster-like virus, and has been humbly but firmly issuing advisories to people direct through electronic media and via video-conferencing the instructions were handed down to state governments. The last time the PM addressed the nation was on the 14th April when he suggested 7 things to do by all people of India. These were called by him as ‘Saptapadi’. These are: (i) take care of elderly, especially those with chronic diseases; (ii) adhere to lakshman Rekha of lockdown and social distancing. Use home-made face covers and masks; (iii) Follow Ayush Ministry’s instructions to enhance one’s immunity; (iv) download Arogya Setu app, inspire others to do so too; (v) take care of poor families; (vi) be compassionate towards employees. Don’t deprive them of livelihood; and (vii) pay utmost respect to Corona Warriors – doctors, and nurses, sanitation workers and police.

Dr IT Group of Institutes and the Group’s other units have been shut. Work from home has been advised. The faculty members have been taking online classes to complete and revise syllabi. The change is being taken in good spirit and the students are happy at digital e-learning.