Dr IT Group of Institutes organized Blood Donation Camp under (NSS Unit) at Campus Banur in which 78 units of blood were donated by students and villagers. The blood was collected by a team of Doctors from Department of Transfusion Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh under the guidance of Dr.Neelam Marwaha, HoD, PGIMER. The team was led by Dr. Vinay .The event was sponsored by Banur Branch of State Bank of India for the second time. Dr. Neelam Marwaha spoke about the importance of blood donation. Her brief message was” blood donation is the highest order of all donations. It helps to save human life. It is the noblest act on the part of donors. It is safe to donate blood under proper medical supervision. Blood supply of a donor is replenished within 24 hours or so in all cases . All eligible persons should get inspiration from those who donated blood”.The chairman of Dr. IT Group , CA Manmohan Kamal Mahajan , appreciated the voluntary gesture of the students who donated blood.Prof.P Parkash Arya, Managing Director of Dr. IT Group of Institutes, said ”it is the Sixth such initiative of Dr. IT Group of Institutes . Blood donation is indeed a noble act on the part of donors and great service to the suffering human beings in need of blood during medical treatment . Blood donation teaches us secularism and reinforces human consciousness in the service of society