Our Library

Well-stocked library of Dr IT Group is an invaluable resource for students, faculty, researchers and others. The Library has been primarily designed to meet the requirements of the Institute’s academic programmes. The library has over the years acquired a large assortment of books , magazines and periodicals. The concept and aim of a library is to provide the right environment, appropriate facilities and motivating services to support high quality teaching and learning and associated administrative processes. Dr IT Group has followed the herein stated aim and concept.
This well-equipped centre is a storehouse of knowledge, which provides the latest and up-to-date information to wide range of end users comprising of distinguished Professors and other faculty members, students of PG, UG courses. We provide a varied and useful collection of learning material to our library-members. The library is stacked with 7260 books relating to Management and Technology. Leading Journals, Periodicals, Magazines and a host of reading materials including industry studies, annual reports of various companies, company profiles, product profiles, project reports and reference materials received from industry and international agencies are regularly subscribed. The Group always encourages the use of its library for professional purposes. Individuals and organisations can use the library regularly on a no-deposit basis. Library is equipped with E-media and students get an easy access to all the books on subjects related to computers, management and Technology.