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Managing Director’s Message

Management Education is one of the most crucial components of Human Resource Development with great potential of personnel for adding value to products and services. The Vibrancy of an economy depends upon the constant flow of efficient managers who can take up the challenges of changing business environment for the better. The impact of globalization and liberalization process is becoming visible in various sectors of Indian economy and also in terms of greater demand for management education.

The fast changing scenario in industry and business is forcing the business schools to recognize the wind of change and modify the existing management education system so as to achieve perfection and to control the deficiencies involved in management education. There is a need to develop new management tools and techniques by business schools, which are useful to managers of today and tomorrow for their survival and growth in the highly competitive business environment. Business Schools have to play an important role to enable managers to learn to enmesh rather blend the management techniques and creativity.

India,in being the part of global linkage is fast becoming a technology driven society. Nearly one lac management graduates pass out every year in India, providing a tremendous potential to contribute to the creation of a ‘Knowledge Society’ a precondition for fast growth rate of Indian economy. There is also a need that our dependence on foreign literature and techniques should be minimized. Management teaching and thinking should be based on practical experience deriving strength from Indian ethos. Management education has to be value-based rather than money-based. There is also a need to fill the gap between Indian and international standards of management education. Dr IT Group, Banur has a vision to gradually fill up this gap and emerge as a cosmopolitan with high quality. Apart from syllabus, students are exposed to subjects and techniques whereby they can improve their capacities and capabilities and to reach the optimality of their creativity.
Dr IT Group focuses on, that once our students pass out from the institute, their capabilities need to match the requirements of the corporate sector and its new challenges. During their stay at the institute academics from prestigious national level institutes and industry continuously interact with them. Attempt is to make students life active, aggressive and progressive. Once they leave the institute, they should not find a gap between the working life of corporate sector and the life which they have had to led as a student.

(Prof. P P Arya)