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Principal’S Message

Welcome to Dr IT Group website!

As you know, education as a key to the change in the post-globalization era, can become effective only if it is wedded to the technological advances. Internet is one such dimension of knowledge and information. Preparing institutions of high education to meet the new challenges brought about by globalization should be the prime concern of the policy makers. Myriad challenges the society faces, particularly to-day, can only be tackled with technology and e-governance. The institutions of higher education will be better only if they prepare in time to use technology for re-opening as well as multiplying the learning opportunities for the students. This can be done in a better way if we keep in mind quality while meeting the basic criteria of affordability, accessibility and equality. By launching its own website, the Dr IT Group has taken the first proverbial steps to bring the students face to face with the facts and information and also introduce them to the vast frontiers of knowledge.

I appeal to the students and future students to use the latest I T Technology sites and access information for updating knowledge and awareness of environment. Creation of website for the Group, has a definite purpose and goal. It is meant to provide information on the different aspects of the Dr IT Group and its programmes for the benefit of students and public at large. We are determined to create a service oriented site which can reduce the physical queue and facilitate students to get online information and services. Besides the website will open window of opportunity for every one to access information that will help in seeking counseling, guidance and help for higher studies and placement..

I hope our humble effort will go a long way in putting the Dr IT Group at information super highway for making the institution a real instrument of socio-economic change while improving the quality of education through technology.

With best wishes,

Col(Retd) Anil Kumar