Carpentary shop

In carpentry shop, wood is used wood as a major raw material; it is available in the market in different shapes and sizes. Other helping materials are iron nails, screws, paints and glues that are also used in carpentry shop. The processes done in wood work are sawing, marking turning and chiseling etc. Wooden furniture, doors, windows, and patterns are generally made in carpentry shop.

Fitting shop

Fitting work is a very important work in engineering. In fitting shop, unwanted material is removed with the help of hand tools. It is done for matting, repairing and manufacturing purposes. The person working in fitting shop is called fitter. A fitter should have complete knowledge of the hand tools used in the shop. Commonly used hand tools are hacksaw, files, chisels, etc.

Welding shop

Welding is a process of joining the materials with the help of heat or pressure or by some other means. The cost of welding is very less as compared to other processes and lt. therefore, forms a strong joint. For this reason, it is largely used in manufacturing of machine tools, auto parts, cycle parts, fabrication of farm machinery and equipment as well as fabrication of buildings, bridges and ships and construction of boilers, furnaces, railways, cars, aeroplanes, rockets and missiles, manufacturing of television set, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, etc.

Smithy shop

The process of giving a desired shape to a metal piece by heating and hammering is known as forging. The metal pieces are heated to the plastic stage either in smiths forge or in a furnace. The metal piece is heated up to a desired temperature, known as forging temperature. Forging is widely done in auto and bicycle industries. With the help of forging, we can refine the structure of the metal and increase the strength and save time, material and labour.

Foundry shop

The place where jobs are executed by melting and pouring the molten metal into moulds is known as foundry. In this shop, we get knowledge about the hand tools (showel, trowels, lifter, hand-riddle, strike-off bar, vent wire, draw-spike, rammers, slicks, smoothers and corner slicks, mallets, swabs, etc.) used in foundry shop and about pattern making, pattern material, types of patterns, etc.

Sheet Metal Shop

In it is included working of thin metallic sheets with hand-tools and simple machines. In this shop, we get the knowledge about construction and working of hand-tools and machines used for sheet metal shop. We also get the knowledge about the types of sheets and cutting tools required and used in it, measuring tools, striking tools, supporting tools, sheet-bending and shearing machines, sheet-metal joints, riveting, soldering, brazing etc.

Machine shop

A shop where most of the work is performed on different machines is called machine shop. In machine shop, the raw material is cut, machined, formed or shaped with the help of machines. In this shop, we get the knowledge about the different types of machines like lathe machine, shaper machine, milling machine, planning machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, threading machine, etc.

Turning Shop

Lathe machine is the basic machine used in Turning Shop. The person working on lathe machine is called Turner. Basically, lathe (turning machine) is a machine that removes material by rotating the work against a cutter. Metal cutting lathes constitute a considerable part of metal cutting equipment being used in Industry. The main purpose of Lathe machine group is to machine external, internal and face surfaces on solids by revolution, and also to cut threads. Lathes employ single-point tools of various types for various turning operations.

Electronics shop

This is a familiarization and application course (appreciation course) to impart basic knowledge and skills about identification and testing of materials and components, and use of special testing instruments, tools and equipments; manufacturing, repairing and trouble-shooting practices of various Electronics Equipments.

Electrical Shop

In view of the rising standard of living, electricity is an essential need of our daily life. In electrical shop, knowledge is given about the electricity, fields of its application, electrical instruments used, household (domestic) and industrial wiring, electrical goods used, symbols and precautions to be kept in mind.